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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  July 9, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> good evening. we begin with all the latest of what has been day 2 of europe's operation protective edge which resulted in the death of 46 palestinians in gaza. 46 were killed on wednesday alone and among them were six women and nine children. gazacontinued to pound today, the european union and the united states have called for restraint, but instead the israeli prime minister warned of even tougher actions ahead. there have so far been no israeli deaths in connection. long-range hamas rockets continue to strike the country,
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triggering sirens in tel aviv and haifa, touches the furthest one of these rockets has ever traveled. 2 rockets struck close to the israeli nuclear reactor -- thomasvingt-quatre's" waterhouse has the latest. affaockets fire across r after prime minister benjamin netanyahu offered to wrap up the ofpaign against -- day 2 operation protective edge sees the offense intensify. >> we continue to strike at these organizations and this group has no respect for human life. -- >> they are attacking the homes
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of hamas and you look tense -- and some 500 homes have been hit in the last few days, and 40 palestinians have also been killed according to reports, and hundreds more have been wounded. mourners poured onto the streets for the funerals of a palestinians, including 2 militants but among them were 2 children. are demolishing civilian homes for their commitment to the massacre. the occupiers will pay a high price, the resistance will not stay silent. >> to show how powerful their voice can be, palestinian militants have retaliated, striking deeper into israel than ever before, targeting jerusalem and tel aviv, the violence has escalated sharply since the abduction and murder of 3 israeli teenagers, for which
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israel blames the militants in hamas. outraged forare the apparent revenge killing of a teenager found days later. in the grip of deadly unrest after they have, bodies of more than 50 men blindfolded and executed in a province just shy of the capital of baghdad. it appears the victims were killed more than a week ago but it is not clear what the motive was, this particular area has not been spared the offensive that has swept the rest of the country. in the meantime the prime minister took to the airwaves accusing the autonomous kurdish region of harboring sunni militant fighters for the islamic state. we have more. >> political unity shimmers ever further on the horizon -- but nouri al-maliki has started cutting -- pointing fingers.
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he accuses the kurds of hegeting terrorists, criticized that mr. the capital as a haven for those wishing to bring violence and disruption to iraq and its citizens. silent -- not be silenced -- if you want a real partnership you should give up the credibility to form a natural -- national stance. they are planning to carry out more operations. he has not shown us any evidence of national partnership. >> the help he is referring to -- and he has tapped the regional governor for what he calls a lack of willingness to form a true regional government. remarks like this are likely to stir tensions between kurdish
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and iraqi representatives within the country. they are scheduled to meet on sunday, and will be tasked with finding a consensus and forming the new government. this is a political burden that has left the country open to insurgency, with rebels overrunning vast swathes of the country. rebels have taken back of the north of baghdad which had been in the hands of jihadi insurgents. withrebels gain ground sporadic attacks around the country continuing. >> and now to the afghan city of kandahar, where taliban leaders launched an attack on the police headquarters, and on the government building. 79 people were killed and among them, civilians and soldiers, and a number of others were injured. kandahar is one of the most volatile provinces in afghanistan. >> it took a regiment of heavily armed policeman before the
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troops reached the government building -- the insurgents had set off 2 car bombs and had opened fire on the guards. over two dozen people were killed in the attack including several civilians and 22 militant fighters. according to the u.n. the number of these incidences as a -- increased radically in the first few months of 2000 -- 2014. >> the number of parties in the conflict -- this has become the leading cause of civilian casualties. up 89% from 2013. shows u.n. media report that fighting has spread to residential and popular areas, with women and children increasingly the victims. this is a blow to the government's strategy to rein in violence at a time when afghan security forces appear unable to fill the security void by outgoing nato troops.
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keep.n. offered to thousands of troops in the area to signd karzai refuses a bilateral agreement ahead of the presidential election, leaving it to his successor to seal the deal. many fear that this political deadlock could fuel further violence. the 2 weeks to go before publication of the official candidates have called on his supporters not to post further action. >> brazil was thrashed 7-1 by germany. argentina will be facing off for a place in the finals -- and there are pictures of argentina training. the winner will then face germany in sunday's final. we can speak to dan leavy who is in rio.
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let's start by talking about the horror the people in brazil must have woken up to this morning. it must have felt like a terrible hangover. was, though the real hangover -- this 7-1 thrashing. the most lopsided game in history in the first time they had lost any soccer match since 2002. -- at home since 2002. 1952, thatfinal in is when they lost the final game against uruguay. the formation -- [indiscernible] this could be similar because it was even more humiliating.
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the national press going with headlines like humiliation, shame, talking about the pain of >> dan, briefly, what is the mood of the fans and players ahead of the argentina netherlands game? -- thecan see behind me, but they world cup, are very gleeful, the argentinian fans. it is going well. lionel messi and --are the key players will make a difference going forward. and also robert with three goals --
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>> they will be key, to get a chance to play in said germany side of the final. >> thank you very much. we will of course have all the latest on that game throughout the evening. 2 days of talks between the top two economies in the world -- speaking of the opening of those annual discussions, the chinese president says a sino-u.s. coalition is vitally important that any cooperation would be disastrous. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is leading the american delegation, while talks of cyber security and maritime disputes, and the chinese currency -- >> relations between washington and the u.n. are put to the test as germany investigates a suspected u.s. by within its
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armed forces. been strained by claims of espionage. a member of the intelligence services is suspected of leaking documents to washington and had producedn claims that they were tapping the telephone of angela merkel. a new generation of angora rockets have blessed -- blasted off from northern russia. first to be built within the borders of the post-survey -- soviet russia. this is part of vladimir putin's goal to revive the formally great space industry. they had a live broadcast of the embarrassing first launch that was ultimately halted. we're halfway through paris -- week, the pinnacle of high fashion where the top houses
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show off their winter collections. karl lagerfeld has been delighting the new generation of fashionistas by unveiling his work, which represents people very young, -- we have more about this. >> these dresses cost tens of thousands of euros, and some even more than 200,000, but no matter how expensive they are, they never generate profit. they are a few pieces to take hundreds of hours to make. >> this is sown in little concrete squares, they give the collection its modern spirit. >> chanel, the world's number one luxury brand does not organize the unique fashion shows to make money. the exceptional collections are all about the brands image. >> it is a great story,
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agriculture. the image of france. >> chanel -- >> every year the show boosts chanel's sales, this year's modern collection will probably be no exception. they use concrete and silicone him -- along with other items and the designer says he was inspired by architecture, a concept that enthusiasts appreciate. >> this is a good story. >> chanel will tell its next story in january 2015. >> very glamorous, indeed. and now to a completely fabricated story. the daily mail newspaper has ton forced to apologize george clooney after publishing an eyesore that says that the family of his wife to be opposes their marriage plans. aorge clooney is engaged to
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london-based lawyer, the paper alleged that the 36-year-old's opposes the marriage to actor on religious grounds. george clooney says that by publishing it, the daily mail was inciting violence. let's get a reminder of our top stories on "france vingt-quatre ." israel's operation protective ofe has led to the deaths hundreds in gaza, including women and children. calling for restraint, the united states, european union and united states -- united states and european union call for an end to hostilities -- and in the latest world cup action, the battle between the european and south american teams tonight -- argentina and the netherlands squared off for a face -- to face in the finals -- to face
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each other in the finals. kate moodie joins me with a big shakeup at the vatican bank. a the vatican has announced french financier as they continue to clean up their business operations. he takes over among mass restructuring at the bank. this is after allegations of money laundering and tax evasion. out is the german industrialist who was appointed last year to clean up the vatican bank. in is the french investment banker chosen to carry on the good work. >> this is a great responsibility i have excepted and i do so with great humility, to help the holy father and the church increase their work towards the poor, and the preservation of the faith. >> he has pledged to stamp out
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tax evasion -- and last year the senior accountant was arrested for helping friends smuggle millions of euros into italy from switzerland, as well as claiming a new management team they have separate pensions and asset management funds, leaving the bank to focus on payment services for religious orders. the new leader will report directly to the pope himself. >> our ambition is to become something of a model for financial management, rather than a cause for occasional scandal. >> on tuesday the vatican revealed the shaky state of its finances. balance sheets showed a huge drop in profits for the vatican bank and a deficit for church administration. earlier the vatican city state forgood news, ticket sales
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the museum had 33 million in profits. wrap up their program in october if the american economy stays on track. they have been reducing bond purchases by $10 million since january and hope to keep up that pace with a final $15 billion reduction this fall. details of the latest policy indicate that the so-called tapering will not impact interest rates. the fed plans to keep rates at zero for a considerable amount of time with the asset purchases. ofculation about the timing that has been weighing on the financial markets. we saw wall street shedding a few points, but they recovered almost immediately, and they are now trading in positive territory after 2 consecutive days of losses. european markets were mostly
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flat, except for where shares dropped over two percent among concerns on the financial group -- the congress of mexico has approved legislation to encourage more competition in the telecoms market and rein in carlos slim helu he said his conglomerate was prepared to sell assets and move market share to over 50% if they could avoid tougher regulations or penalties. they control 70% of the mexican mobile phone market. and tel aviv up, the biggest provider of spanish-language content has 60% of the free television business, with most of the cable and satellite services. a major victory for the president who hopes to turn the attention to the most ambitious reforms of his government, opening up the oil and gas industry to private
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investment after 75 years of state monopoly. and here are the other business headlines now. citigroup, the american banking giant is trying to settle allegations that they sold bad mortgages in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. they will pay seven dollars billion to the u.s. justice department as part of the lawsuit. imuran airlines has an offer for -- order for 700 as-planes, a deal valued at $200 billion. they set themselves a target of 2020 to deliver their first aircraft. and authorities in catalonia, fine --ave threatened a 480 mental site that has been valued over 700 million euros is increasingly under fire to keep from reaching local rules on
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short term leases. that is all the business news for now and i'll be back with more headlines. >> thank you for that business update. let's get a check on what is going on in cyberspace. web news is next. >> welcome to the web news. --h our top stories taking our top stories on the online headlines. coming up on today's show, kenya -- proposes that proposes for democracy. and the tallest waterslide in the world. 10,000 kenyans led antigovernment protests in nairobi on july 7, calling for greater transparency and security. the demonstration was organized by the main opposition party and has received widespread
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commentary on twitter. and several hash tags. activists have been sharing the movements message on the social met were and accuse the government of corruption. end to theo see an rapid -- rampant insecurity in kenya. after a series of bloody attacks in recent months. of soldiers were deployed to monitor the demonstrations -- who may have been used to fight terrorism. there was concern that these clashes between opposition demonstrators and police -- and shopkeepers stores close, fearing violence and routing. -- protest was a peaceful 1 and they are determined that it will stay that way.
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many remain skeptical about the real worth of the rally, some kenyans used this as an excuse to stay at home. others said that the program -- rally, the to the middle-class talk about it on twitter and the rich watch it on television. >> social workers in the philippines who make the microchips used for iphones have taken to social networks to denounce their working conditions and the dismissal of 24 union leaders. they're currently in negotiations for a new elective bargaining agreement. they have taken collective actions than eight percent wage increase.
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they have dismissed 24 trade union leaders, one that was described -- their fight toen the web, starting an online petition, with a facebook page and their aim is to get 24 fired workers reinstated. their demands were relayed on twitter, with hundreds all over the world using the #. -- hashtag. some have reached out to tim asking him to intervene. philippine workers have turned to selfies to get their word out, holding signs reading their demands. many have followed their online campaigning and others follow the movement with their own selfies.
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>> 23-year-old bethany townsend, suffers from crane's disease and bowel disease, and uses a permanent colostomy bag. she took pictures of herself in a bikini and posted it on facebook. she has been praised for her courage and has garnered 250,000 likes. >> around 6.5 million tons of litter into the ocean each year, killing seabirds and other marine animals like sea turtles. was taken to the ngo travel foundation and highlight how cigarette butts are the most common letter found on beaches, part of a campaign to encourage tourists and
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beachgoers to appreciate the communities and help keep the jews and the seas clean and healthy. >> with this interactive map of vancouver, canada, you can find out how old a particular building or neighborhood is, with just a few clicks. this was developed by a photographer and illustrated by -- and is both artistic and informative. wasrge portion of the city constructed over 100 years ago. >> this adrenaline-packed clip takes place in kansas city at a theme park. this is the tallest waterslide in the world. here we can see the designer become the first person ever to
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take on this slide, shooting dinghy at inflatable 100 miles per hour.
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07/09/14 07/09/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! the same as daniel ellsberg has said, it is not possible for national security whistleblower now in the united states to have a fair trial. >> in the second part of our democracy now! tv radio broadcast exclusive, we go inside the ecuadorian embassy in london to interview wikileaks founder and publisher julian assange. he has just entered his third year


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